Saturday, January 26, 2013

another love letter... a stranger on the bus. I write too many of these, although I've never posted one here before. Sometimes when I see someone on the bus or on the street and they have that je-ne-sais-quoi... charisma, I suppose, and I can't resist writing something. I'd like to meet these people in real life, talk to them, but at the same time not really because I'd be afraid of being awkward. I'd prefer to just be awkward on paper. Maybe one day I'll be brave enough to write one of these and actually give it to the person. I wouldn't have to talk to them but... it would be a start. What would you feel if someone came up to you as they were getting off the bus and left you a love letter like this? Wouldn't you feel flattered and happy that someone would think of you that way? I would. Or maybe you'd feel creeped out that someone was watching you the whole time. It would depend on the style of writing, I suppose.

This is not very good, I think, but I like it somehow. I guess I'm just a creepy people-watcher.

to a cutie I never knew (this would go on the front of the folded-up paper if I ever went through with it)

Cute blond boy on the bus with brushed hair and
kind eyebrows,
You seem so humble with your canvas jacket the colour of yellowing summer grasses
And your sky-gray scarf and worn-looking backpack.

Your expression so soft and gentle,
I want to ask you out for coffee.
But I am scared -
You seem so sweet that I am afraid you'll be uninterested,
or that you're already seeing someone.
And plus I'm a wimp
And this is my stop

Stepping off the crowded downtown bus
onto a gray and puddly street,
I look back wistfully.
Goodbye, cute boy I never knew.


  1. Haha, that's so cute. ( *//0//* )/
    I like the "plus I'm a wimp/ And this is my stop". So very Shel-like.