Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Ode to a Sandwich

O delectable baguette!
In a bite, your hard exterior betrays a warm and airy heart;
Your perfectly browned and crackled crust
Reveals your delightfully delicate flesh -
O pure and tender meat!
O sweet and gentle fruit!
O heaven of taste!

A very quick very random poem from the prompt, "tell a story in the form of a love letter." I realized I've been using capital letters a lot recently in my titles. At first I thought all lower-case looked better - softer, somehow - but sometimes you just need caps.

I would like to redo this one day and polish it a more... maybe put it in sonnet form... but chances are slim that I'll find the time, especially for the likes of iambic pentameter! (O elusive meter who doth always escape me!)

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