Monday, March 25, 2013

a poem that should have belonged to yesterday

How come I didn't write this yesterday is a mystery to me. I honestly don't know why I didn't think of it then. I didn't think of it at all until I was on the bus today, after writing another poem on a Tim Horton's paper cup-holder since I had no real paper. I guess I'm getting my inspiration back. I always get ideas on the bus. You'll see the Timmy's poem eventually... I can't decide whether to post it yet since I might incorporate it into another project. This one might end up in that project too. We'll see. And in case you're interested, there wasn't enough space on the cup-holder thing so this one was written on a receipt from the music store.

Today off the train
I met you, and then we met
an earnest old beggar man with a Gandalf beard.
He seemed like a sweet old grandfather,
if a bit dusty.

I gave him the box of cookies meant for you,
And he thanked me and said
"That's very kind.
Now I have a granola bar and some cookies."

And we went on our way.
You never got to try my cookies,
and now all we have are strawberries which are a bit squished and not very filling;
But our hunger means little on a day like this -
I'll live off the warmth of your hands

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