Monday, March 25, 2013


It's been so long since I posted anything. It seems like all my ideas from last month ended up unfinished. Somehow I lost momentum. But now it's officially spring and I feel like it'll be coming back. A poem that was actually from last week:

There's the chill from the sheets when first I crawl into bed,
The light dance of raindrops helpless outside my window and
The blued edges of vision as night makes worlds vulnerable;

But between the sheets there is safety,
As warmth spreads from my core to extremities
And my toes become warm.
It is there in the familiarity of the pillows
And the purring of the cat curled up alongside,
A picture of peace,
Exalting in the silkiness of his fur,
Stroked meditatively until sleep pulls me away and my hand

And his purrs fade smoothly away like waves on the sea
Into soft, slow snores.

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